Duggar Rabbits Are Busy Poppin’ Out Some More! Friday, Nov 12 2010 

So I am a fan on the TLC show 19 Kids and Counting‘s Facebook page.  You see, at one point I was really appreciated what seemed to be a harmless “good, wholesome” family.  Then, I made the mistake of reaching up for a piece of fruit from the Tree of Knowledge.  Ok, so I just went to the library but, apparently, there’s real danger for a “godly woman” who attempts to learn who or what is behind a facade.

I have learned that the Duggar clan is part of what is called the Quiverfull movement.  Besides being surprised that Andrea Yates (you know, the woman who drowned her five children and then proceeded to blame it on a black man) was part of this movement, I was particularly intrigued by the racist undertones of this whole ordeal.  At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, and then– WHALLA– hidden beneath a thick cloak of patriotism is a dangerous hybrid of religious doctrine and bigotry.  I think that, in that mix, there is also a strong sense of fear when members of this group say that they are going to “take the country back for christ”.

Within this Quiverfull movement there is a strong desire to return to “traditional” values.  I was wondering what time period those values came from.  I assumed it was the 1950’s in America since that is what the current consensus among the popular TEA party movement wishes to do (I always giggle when they refer to everyone who is liberal in their eyes as a “commie”).  But, looking at pages like Doug Phillips of Vision Forum they really are looking to wind the clock back to the “virtuous” age of 19th century, Victorian England.

You know, I know that the 1950’s were bad for many ethnic and, yes, even religious groups outside of the Protestantism here in the US but 19th century Victorian England was atrocious.  This is the age of innovation and where there were more squarely defined social roles.  I think that, perhaps, this is something that they believe to be safe, but let’s remember that there’s another side to this coin.  Yes, it was an age of innovation for things like the camera, but with that innovation came an influx of things like pornography (the first picture of which was interestingly a black woman).  Also, the whole notion of women being “angels of the household” wasn’t such a great time for women’s rights.  People were just beginning to alight themselves to their rights and personal freedoms. For the life of me, I really can’t understand exactly why people would want to return to those times.

So, when I hear people like Josh and Anna Duggar say that they will have as many children as god will allow them, it absolutely baffles me. It just seems like their whole lifestyle is extremely myopic.  Like, how will having as many children as you can really contribute to, or better society?  And, please, don’t say Biblical “values”.  Cause you might as well admit that we pick and choose these so-called principles anyway.  Many people throughout the centuries have died due to religious differences so why indoctrinate children into a dangerous cycle that perpetuates and champions ignorance as a virtue (they normally homeschool their children and only encourage them to attend approved evangelical collegiate institutions)?  Also, what I don’t understand is why have so many children when there’s so many children in the world that already need love and are looking for a home?  Isn’t adoption the more noble thing to do?  I just don’t understand.

Christine O’Donnell is the gift that keeps on giving!!! Thursday, Oct 21 2010 

When I heard this I was shocked but not surprised.  Please, could someone please honestly tell me that they could see this woman on an international negotiation on our country’s behalf?  I’m so amazed that people support someone of this low intelligence and caliber and that happily wishes to spread the gospel of ignorance.  This is a very, very dangerous and haphazard combination and an advocate of ignorance is no friend of mine.