Absolutely incredible Saturday, Oct 16 2010 

You know, I’m so taken aback when I hear that people revere Christine O’Donnell. Her obviously fatuous and ignorant responses to the moderator’s questions made the whole debate a total joke. How could someone take anything that she says seriously if she has not even done any research and gives absolutely no concrete examples. Our public school systems need to be fixed. This fact is obvious; but why would we endorse her-no, ANYONE  for that matter, that succumb to such idiotic beliefs like creationism.

I have to admit that, for a while, I was obsessed with Ken Ham.  Just as I sit in church every Sunday and really, REALLY try to believe what is being said I’ve just come to the conclusion that there are just too many holes; especially in the whole creationist (young earth, old earth theories, etc).  Isn’t Ken Ham from Australia?  You know, I’m not the total history buff but didn’t that country begin when England began sending their prisoners down under?  I mean, I have watched videos and viewed sermons from this man and I just wonder how folks follow him.  To top it off, the followers not only include folks like Christine O’Donnell, other conservative party members, but this charlatan managed to build a whole monument of a museum that cost multi-millions of dollars to top it off.   Totally, totally unbelievable.

You know, one of the arguments that I’ve heard regarding accepting the view point of creationism is that if you don’t accept it, then you, by definition, are not accepting the Bible.  When I talk to the elders of the church, their response is, “Well, chile, if it’s in the Bible, then it is true.  And the truth of Jesus is ALL you need! Amen?”.   Huh? Well, I learned along time ago when we first were starting out that it’s not that no one had the answers, but they weren’t even taking the time to ask the questions.  Unfortunately, the SAME thing is happening in our American political landscape.

Introduction Friday, Oct 15 2010 

Yes, I am a preacher’s wife.  Lately, I’ve been feeling isolated.  Growing up, I was always taught to question things.  For so many years, I suppressed those feelings.   Why?  Well, that’s one of the things that I’m trying to figure out.  My whole life right now is an oxymoron.  I even suspect that my husband knows that I have been questioning things, yet I must tread lightly.  I feel as though I’m in bondage yet, at the same time, I’m in a position of immense power.  Or am I just supporting the power?  Well, I do know that I have a power yet it’s within a context that is extremely narrow.  Anyway, I’m quite new to this whole blog thang and I look forward to discussions from both sides of the fence as I continue on this journey.

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